Power Distribution Unit (PDU)

Power Distribution Unit (PDU)

Power Distribution Unit Manufacturer


SERVOMAX Limited‘s Power distribution unit has multiple outputs designed to distribute electrical power. Generally, power distributed to these outputs is received from a UPS. The requirement for PDU’s increased in networks and computer-distributed areas like DATA centres. In a data centre, all the distributed power loads are connected through a non-linear power source, so HARMONICS generation is unavoidable. These generated Harmonics are how back and directly effects the main power source, which is a UPS.

The effect of harmonics de-rates the capacity of UPS. Hence 100% utilization of UPS capacity becomes wasted. The effect of harmonics also creates much heat in the transformers of UPS. To eliminate these direct effects on UPS, K-Factor transformers are designed. K-Factor transformers are designed based on the harmonics present in the load. The special design of the K Factor transformer helps us depend on much to eliminate or withstand the effects of Harmonics.

Hence the SERVOCARE brand PDU is best suitable for power distribution with harmonics protection.

– Data Centres
– Telecom

1. Transformer
• Double Wound with high Isolation
• Double size neutral
• K- factor like K-13, K-20 etc..
• Primary connect as DELTA, Secondary as STAR or Zig Zag STAR
• Natural Air or Forced Air
• Electrostatic Copper / Brass-Foil Shielding’s
• Insulation CLASS “H”
• Better regulation less than 3.5%
• Effciency of the transformer is minimum 98%
• Overloading rating of 200% for 10 Sec
• As per IS 2026
• CMNR attenuation 80db or 60db
• Low losses CRGO M3 or MOHS core
2. Power Distribution
• Incomer Isolator / MCCB / ACB
• Auto Soft start or manual
• Outgoing MCBs D or C curve
• BCPM or without BCPM (24, 36, 42, 48, 84 Channels)
• SPD / TVSS Class C, B+C, Type 1 and type 2
• Copper or Aluminium Bus bars
• Earth fault through EFR relays
3. Metering & Indications
• Multi parameter reading to read voltage, current and Power
• Temperature monitor meter
• LED lamps for incoming power
4. Capacity available
• 50 KVA to 900 KVA


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