Servomax Limited, through the brand of Servocare, assures world-class service for various power-conditioning and power-saving products. We are specialized in servicing different kinds of transformers, stabilizers, control panels, and UPS – our service branches are spread across Pan India.

The service team of Servocare includes technically-proficient and experienced Engineers who indulge in finding outstanding service solutions for on-site equipment’s. Manifold technological methods including Tan Delta, SFRA, etc. are adopted for testing the viability and safety of the power-based units. Some of our regular service considerations include bushing replacement, oil leakage check, filament or air cell quality, insulation means, winding support, carbon brushes replacement, servo motor check, variac check, panel modifications, etc.

Servocare is not only positioned to service our self-branded products – it also stands front to offer marvellous servicing solutions to different brands of power-conditioning and power-saving products. With this, Servocare strives to enable the best health check of diversified equipment, thereby, ensuring environmental safety.


We are here to solve any issues of our power-based merchandise and immediately put out your hassles. Let you keep us aware of the related complaints by sending them as and when possible.

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