APFC Panel

APFC Panel

Any electrical and electronic equipment should enable a user-friendly nature without which machinery damage and losses may occur. Control panels, by the name, controls the operations and settings of any equipment – these controls can be made automatically or manually based on the design and customization of the device. Servomax is the extreme manufacturer of high-quality control panels. These units help the operators to monitor any specified industrial equipment. It is, hereby, involved to enable the best operations through power-saving in the industries. We are engaged to supply our trusted customers with extensive and supreme models of control panels – the Automatic Power Factor Control (APFC) Panels.

Servomax serves the power-based sector with an ultimate aim of power-conditioning and power-saving. Insisting on this, we are engaged to manufacture and supply APFC panels which enable saving energy. Power-factor is the basic element which is determined as the ratio of the active power to the apparent power – it is the most important measure of electrical consumption. APFC panels are intended to improve the power-factor because reduction in the power-factor can lead to poor power-efficiency and operational losses. The apparent power drawn to the equipment from the distribution network may increase with lower power-factors – ultimately, transformers, cables, and other equipment face overloading. On the other hand, APFCs avoid such losses – in fact, these panels help in reducing electrical consumption and expenditure.

High-grade quality materials during production and well-planned testing methodologies are our key to successful delivery of safe, qualified, and efficient APFC panels. We meet the industrial standards to fulfill offering the customized units to serve various industries. Our APFC panels are designed with a capacity range up to 1000 KVA.

Most Suitable for


Our APFC panels are most suitable for –

  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Granite Industries
  • Commercial & Residential applications
  • Power Plants
  • BPO Organizations
  • Cement and Paper Mills
  • Cinema Halls or Multiplexes
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Rice Mills
  • Shopping Malls
  • Steel Mills
  • Spinning Mills
  • Offices and Buildings


Here are the splendid benefits of using our APFC panels.

  • Payback period of about 20 to 30 months
  • Reduction in maximum demand
  • Energy-saving of 5%
  • Avoiding lower power-factor penalty
  • Extended life for switch gears, cables, and capacitors
  • Avoid manual disruptions
  • Escape high-current consumption losses
  • Reduced electricity bills

The following salient features of Servomax’s APFC panels make them more preferable to others.

  • All the major components of the panels are from standard resources – Siemens, Epcos, L&T, and Schneider
  • Automatic controller which is based on micro-processor; power-factor display
  • Reliable performance and longer life with careful integration of the components
  • Capacitors are to be switched on with the help of capacitor duty contactors and MCB or MCCB. This is to ensure minimizing switching surges.
  • Accurate setting maintenance with small correction steps
  • Auto/Manual facility
  • Cooling facility
  • Very low Watt losses
  • In-built time delay to switch ON the capacitor bank to avoid impulse signal operation. The capacitor feeders are enabled with Auto/Manual mode facility along with fuse protection and isolation.
  • Power-factor controllers are designed to operate automatically with micro-processor-based automatic controller.
  • Specially designed electronic control circuit is used to improve the power-factor – this is engaged to meet the requirements of the load switching pattern.
  • The improved power-factor to the optimum levels is guaranteed. The Product range: 20 KVAr to 1000 KVAr.
  • APFC panel installations improve the plant power-factor and hence, offer better solutions./li>
  • The units provide heavy-duty capacitors with detuned filters where high-level non-linear harmonies present up to 30%.
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