UPS Systems from Servomax

Servomax is engaged in manufacturing, supplying, and distributing the efficient online UPS systems across India and other countries. It assures to reduce the clients’ worries related to power failure, power surge, power sag, under-voltage, over-voltage, frequency variations, harmonic distortion, and line noise. It enables protection of equipment, voltage regulation, and redundant power supply.

Servomax’s online UPS systems are designed with lesser number of batteries. These help in saving the space and cost incurred in installation. We have the finest quality raw materials to design and develop the online UPS systems as per the customized needs. The best in-house testing systems aid in checking the quality and efficiency of the systems – the online UPS systems are built as per the industrial standards.

Servomax is the best supplier of the UPS systems. It serves various industries and residences with high-quality UPS products. Our units are distinctive with specialized features like –

  • High reliability
  • Excellent performance
  • Efficient power-backup
  • High and low voltage fluctuations
  • Unmatched quality

Engaging in the power-saving and eco-friendly business, Servomax strives to manufacture with reliable and the best raw materials. Moreover, stringent testing processes involved during the build-up ensure efficient and safe deliveries.


UPS systems have a wide range of applications in different locales. They are used to protect –

  • Data centers
  • Telecommunication Equipment
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Computers
  • IT sector


When compared to any other models, our UPS units are preferred because of their spectacular benefits like –

  • Continuity of operation
  • Best protection
  • Isolation between main supply and load
  • Avoid distortion
  • Better voltage regulation
  • Nil transfer time


Power Phase Applications
Lower than 1 KVA Single-Phase Line-Interactive UPS PC and Peripherals
1-20 KVA Single-Phase Online UPS Server and Network Equipment
10-400 KVA Three-Phase Online UPS Datacenter and Industrial Equipment
20-800 KVA Three-Phase Modular Online UPS Redundant Modular Unit expansion and power supply can be achieved within a single rack

Here are the spectacular features of our online UPS units.

  • Robust performance
  • Compact designs
  • Lesser number of batteries
  • Lower installation costs
  • High adaptability

Some other customized features include –

  • Leading AC-AC efficiency
  • Fully redundant design and configuration
  • High input and output power-factors
  • Easy expansion without additional hardware
  • Supports to seamless operations at low-level of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
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Servocare provides the world class service of Power Transformers & StabilizerService.

It includes complete testing of transformer at site including Tan Delta, SFRA and Differential protection Relay healthy check. Along with it we also provide at site solutions of products such as bushing replacement, oil leakage, and fitment of air cell in the existing electrical machine conservator tank...

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