Capacity Available Upto 20kVA

Servo Stabilizer(Single Phase)

Servomax occupies an incredible position in the power-industrial market. Marked as the idol of trust, we assure providing highly-efficient products that offer the best stabilization means to a varied niche. We are the best manufacturers and suppliers of servo-stabilizers. Voltage fluctuations may disrupt different types of equipment – our single-phase servo stabilizers ensure safety to such equipment by enabling stabilized voltage output to enable adequate single-phase power supply. These units are feasible to control voltage flow to domestic and commercial electric and electronic systems.

Facilitated by supreme-grade raw materials like copper – different components of the stabilizer including buck/boost transformer, coils, carbon brush, and servo-motor are constructed with high-quality resources. The build-up process involves different testing means to assure the equipment strength and efficiency. The quality of our products is no way compromised.

Servomax offers these units that associate the capacity range up to 50KVA. Our R&D team works hard to enhance the design and features of the single-phase servo stabilizers. We are delighted to provide personalized architecture as per the customers’ needs too – ultimate enhanced customer satisfaction is the return of our loyal product supply. Our single-phase servo stabilizers are distributed and exported across India and other international countries. These technologically-honed stabilizing units are used for different purposes.

With the help of Relay/Contactor, they provide High-voltage protection and Low-voltage protection.

With the help of MCB, they provide Overload protection and Short circuit protection.


Servomax’s single-phase servo-stabilizers can be widely used in various applications like –

  • Pharmaceutical units
  • Air-conditioning plants
  • Cold-storages
  • Multi-storeyed buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Food-processing units
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Nursing homes
  • Call centers

Benefits of Single-phase Servo Stabilizers

Our single-phase servo stabilizers avail various benefits. They –

  • Enhance durability of appliances
  • Improve quality of equipment
  • Save over-all energy
  • Ensure high-levels of safety and protection
  • Enable more than 98% efficiency
Input Voltage Range 170V-270V AC, 50 Hz
Output Voltage 230V AC, 50 Hz, 1-Phase
Operating Frequency 47 to 53 Hz
Output Regulation ±1%
Correction Speed 35 V/sec
Line Regulation ±1%
Load Regulation ±1%
Wave-form Distortion Nil
Power Factor Effect Nil
Output Wave-form True Reproduction of Input
Type of Cooling Natural Air-cooled
System Construction As per IS : 9815
Efficiency 98.5%
Response Time 10 milli sec
Servo Motor Drive Rugged AC Step Synchronous Motor
Enclosure IP32

Here are certain features of the Single-Phase Servo-Controlled Voltage Stabilizers. The units’ dimensions (in mm) are given here.

Capacity Width Depth Height Weight/kgs
1 KVA 280 310 300 16
2 KVA 280 310 300 18
3 KVA 300 430 300 28
5 KVA 300 430 300 33
7.5 KVA 360 470 310 55
10 KVA 360 470 310 60
15 KVA 440 470 800 100
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servomax servicing Service Division (CSD)

Servocare provides the world class service of Power Transformers & StabilizerService.

It includes complete testing of transformer at site including Tan Delta, SFRA and Differential protection Relay healthy check. Along with it we also provide at site solutions of products such as bushing replacement, oil leakage, and fitment of air cell in the existing electrical machine conservator tank...

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