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Power Distribution Unit

Power Distribution Unit with K-Rated Transformers

Capacity Range upto 1000 KVA, 3 Ph

Power distribution unit is fitted with multiple outputs designed to distribute electrical power.

In a data centre, all the distributed power loads are connected through a non linear power source, due to which HARMONICS generation is unavoidable. These generated Harmonics are flow back and directly effects the mains power source, which a UPS. The effect of harmonics derates the capacity of UPS. Hence 100% utilization of UPS capacity becomes wasted. The effect of harmonics also creates much
heat in the transformers of UPS.

To eliminate these direct effects on UPS, KFactor Transformers are designed based on
the harmonics present the load. The special design of K-Factor Transformer helps us to depend on much to eliminate or withstanding from the effects of Harmonics.


Soft start facility BCPM (Branch Circuit Power Monitoring)

Most suitable for

Data Centres, Telecom


  • Double wound , High Isolation
  • Double sized neutral
  • Insulation class “H”
  • Regulation is better than 3.5%
  • Overload rating of 100% for 10 secs
  • Core of CRGO and conductor of copper
  • Natural / Forced Air Cooled
  • As per IS:2026 standards
  • Attenuation: 80 db CMRR and 60 db CMNR
  • Primary connect as DELTA, secondary connection as STAR
  • Efficiency of the transformer is minimum 98%

Power Distribution

  • Floor mounting Panel board with MS angles and Ms sheets with powder coated Paint and suitable provisions for cable
  • Distributed outgoing through sub branch breakers and branch breakers
  • Extra sub breakers also provided
  • Suitable capacity 3 pole incomer

Metering & Indications

  • LED indications provided to read the availability of incoming supply
  • Multi parameter reading meter to read Voltages, currents and power is incorporated

Input voltage : 415V 3 Phase Delta
Output Voltage : 415V 3 Phase Star

K-1, K-4, K-9, K-13, K-20
Isolation Transformer as per
customer requirement

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