Capacity Available Up To 5000kVA


Servomax Limited is a potential enterprise occupying the best position in the power-based sector. We are prominently engaged to offer power conditioners to satisfy our customers. Extending across Pan India, we are also proud to offer our power conditioner units and services to countries abroad.

Best functionality of any electrical or electronic equipment is possible when adequate electric power voltage is provided. Finer quality power is, however, supplied to the appliances with the help of power conditioners. Also termed as voltage regulators, or power line conditioners, or line conditioners, these units are considered to improve the power quality. Power-factor corrections, noise suppressions, voltage regulations, electric surge destructions, and so on are the vital considerations of our power conditioners.

We have extensive manufacturing processes to design and develop power conditioners based on the customers’ specifications. Our three-phase power conditioners are available with different capacities till the range of 3000KVA. Superior quality filters are used in these units – they deal with transient voltage surges, noise, notches, sags, under-voltage, over-voltage, long-term interruption, momentary interruption, and frequency variation. Ultimately, the best power quality is endured through our power conditioners to any equipment associated.

Benefits of using Servomax’s Power Conditioners

Extensive power conditioners of Servomax serve various outstanding benefits. They include –

  • Equipment protection
    Voltage surges do occur often through electrical lines, coax TV inputs, phone lines, and LAN connections. These surges degrade the equipment, reduce their performance, and cause their failure. However, Servomax’s power conditioners are highly reliable – these units enable voltage regulations and help to protect these equipment.
  • Noise removal
    Associated with noise interruptions, our power conditioners help in removing the noise in electrical lines which are connected to different appliances like TV stations, mobile devices, motors, etc. We also provide better power conditioners for refrigerators, vacuums, etc.
  • Fluctuation correction
    Our power conditioners also correct voltage fluctuations and waveform distortions.
  • Assorted sizes
    We offer power conditioners in different sizes and we also manage better customizations adding new features to make them user-friendly.
  • High-level Safety
    Servomax’s power conditioners are appreciative as they are considered to be the best safe-guarding units. They can not only handle simple miniature devices designed on a printed circuit board, but also ensure safety to very large devices in a manufacturing plant.


Our units are occupied in varied ecosystems – household, industrial, and commercial units.

  • CNC Machinery
  • Biomedical Equipment
  • Cell Phone Networks
  • Household appliances – Refrigerators, AC
  • Home Theaters
  • Larger Computer Installations
  • Television Sets
  • Telecommunication Equipment
  • Garment industries
  • Heavy manufacturing plants
  • Industrial applications
  • IT applications
  • Automobile equipments
Input Voltage Range 300-460V / 340-480V / 360-460V 3Ph
Output 415V/200V 3Ph as per requirement
Insulation Class H
Speed of Correction 60/30/25V per sec with AC motor
105V/sec with DC motor
Response Time 10 milliseconds
System Corrections Delta / Star
Ratios 1:1 and 2:1
Regulation Better than 3.5%
Power Factor 0.75 Lead to 0.75 Lag
Di-electric Strength 3KV for 60 sec
Insulation Resistance Better than 1000 Mega Ohms
Coupling Resistance 0.01 pF for 100 db
Leakage Current Less than 20 Micro Amps
Common Mode Attenuation 100 db/ 120 db
Construction Standards As per IS 2026 Part I and II
Type of Execution Closed type
Operating Temperature 0°C to 45°C
Type of Cooling Natural air / Forced air

Certain specific features of our power conditioners enable them to be highly reliable. These include –

  • Use of solid state control circuits
  • Synchronous motor drive
  • No warm-up time
  • Nil relays
  • Use of professional grade ICs and components

Assured by trust, these units serve trouble-free operations due to spectacular features like

  • Quick response time of 10 milli sec (half a cycle)
  • High efficiency
  • Minimal losses
  • Lower temperature rise
  • Withstand in all climatic conditions
  • Enable stable power output even under severe voltage fluctuations
  • Zero wave-form distortion
  • Unaffected by load power factor
  • Ruggedized construction
  • Enclosure – IP32
  • Mounting – Floor-mounted / Free on wheel
  • Servo Motor Drive – Rugged AC step synchronous motor
servomax servicing

servomax servicing Service Division (CSD)

Servocare provides the world class service of Power Transformers & StabilizerService.

It includes complete testing of transformer at site including Tan Delta, SFRA and Differential protection Relay healthy check. Along with it we also provide at site solutions of products such as bushing replacement, oil leakage, and fitment of air cell in the existing electrical machine conservator tank...

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