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Welcome to SERVOMAX LIMITED, we are Manufacturers of Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizers, Power, Distribution & Isolation Transformers and Distributors of APFC & LT Panels, UPS, Inverters etc. We have been supplying the market with quality products that offer value to consumers. Our main focus is manufacturing high-quality power and green energy equipment for both local and international markets. With our recent rebranding “SERVOCARE” we aim at integrating the latest technology in offering more viable solutions to the industry.

Our Key Products

SERVOMAX LIMITED is dedicated to manufacturing energy efficient equipment that assures the world of a greener future. Our power saving and power conditioning equipment are appreciated for their quality efficiency and hassle-free operations. With that, total satisfaction is guaranteed for every customer that seeks to work with us.

Here are some of the key products that we offer the market:
At SERVOMAX LIMITED, we understand how important it is to transform electric energy from a set of circuits to the other, while varying voltage and current and maintaining the frequency. That is why we are committed to making the best power transformers for various commercial and industrial applications. Some of the types of transformers we manufacture include:

  • Distribution Transformer
  • Medium & Small Power Transformer

Our HT panels are designed to receive power from transformers (with high-tension cables) and then distribute it to other distribution boards and electronic devices.

Isolation Transformer
Isolation transformers are great in providing galvanic isolation, protecting against shock and suppressing electrical noise in more sensitive devices. Some of the transformers we make under this category include isolation transformers, ultra isolation transformers, power distribution units, and amorphous core transformers.

That assures every customer of the best energy saving solar panels that can cut down more money spent on electric bills.

  • Isolation Transformer
  • Ultra Isolation Transformer

In any commercial and industrial power equipment operation, voltage stabilization is very important. That is why we work hard to ensure every sector gets the best of equipment to do so. We manufacture a range of stabilizers including:

  • Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer ( Air Cooled )
  • Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer ( Oil Cooled )
  • Residential Servo Stabilizer
  • Servo Stabilizer (Single Phase)
  • Power Conditioner

Control Panels

  • Automatic Power Factor Control (APFC) panel
  • LT Panel

Other Industry Equipment and Applications
Our company also manufactures such units as:

  • Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)
  • Inverter

We also make street light controllers, intelligent home power savers, lighting arresters, and more.

Why Choose Us?
Our commitment to making eco friendly energy solutions has earned us trust among customers. With a solid reputation in the business, we have managed to expand our customer base.

    Other key reasons why customers should work with us include:

  • We are fully an accredited energy equipment manufacturer in India and beyond.
  • Our power saving and power conditioning units offer greater energy efficiency.
  • All our equipment come at very competitive prices
  • We provide reasonable warranties on every unit we sell.

For those interested in acquiring our equipment and applications, they can contact us through call, email, or visit our company premises to make an order. We precisely manufacture units that are geared towards meeting every customer needs, which help them, save even more on their investments.

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