Capacity Available Up To 5000 kVA

Isolation Transformer

Isolation transformers, as the name suggests, isolate particular electric or electronic device from the power circuit, and help in transferring the electrical power to the device by electromagnetic induction through an alternating current source. Like any other transformer, an isolation transformer unit also has a primary and secondary coil with two electromagnets. Based on the number of primary and secondary coils wound, the voltage is increased or decreased – same voltage is maintained when same number of coils are wound in the primary and secondary ones. Servomax is engaged to produce the best quality three-phase isolation transformers with a capacity range up to 1500 KVA.Well-established and standard manufacturing steps are practiced to allow faultless and efficient units. Stringent rules and regulations are followed as per the IS, BIS, etc. The testing and quality assurance has no compromise. Our dynamic isolation transformers reach diversified customer base of various national and international zones.


The isolation transformers of Servomax have many applications ranging from sensitive power supplies, residential means, to certain industrial machines. Electric isolation in medical equipment, isolation in pulse cells, and power supply of devices which do not have ground potential need these distinctive transformers.


So, our potential isolation transformer units can be used in –

  • Analytical Instruments
  • Biomedical Equipment
  • Cell Phone Networks
  • CNC Machines
  • Garment Equipment
  • Large Computer Installations
  • Printing Machinery
  • Remote Control Equipment
  • Scientific Equipment
  • Textile Machinery
  • Telecommunication Equipment


Isolation transformers of Servomax enable various benefits. They –

  • Facilitate direct current power isolation
  • Prevent the risk of electric shock
  • Ensure safety during testing and servicing
  • Enable scalable build of the units based on wound coils
System Connections Delta/Star
Input Voltage 415V 3 Phase
Output Voltage 415V or 200V 3 Phase
Ratios 1:1 and 2:1
Regulation Better than 3.5%
Power Factor 0.75 Lead or 0.75 Lag
Di-electric Strength 3KV for 60 sec
Insulation Resistance Better than 1000 Mega Ohms
Coupling Capacitance 0.1 PF for 80 db
Leakage Current Less than 20 Micro Amps
Common Mode Attenuation 80 db / 100 db
Construction Standards As per IS 2026 Part I and II, IS 11171
Type of Execution Closed Type
Operating Temperature 0° C to 45° C
Type of Cooling Natural air / Forced air
Oil cooled (optional)
Input Output Rating Available
415 V AC 3Ph
415 V AC 3 Ph
415 V AC 3 Ph
220 V AC 3 Ph
3 KVA 3 Ph and
Upto 1500 KVA 3 Ph
230 V AC 1 Ph
230 V AC 1 Ph
230 V AC 1 Ph
110 V AC 1 Ph
1 KVA 1 Ph and
Upto 50 KVA 1 Ph
  • Avoids stresses that arise from normal electrical transients
  • Satisfy the clean power requirements of the advanced sensitive equipment
  • Lessensthe effects of power line problems like noise, spikes, surges, transients, and neutral to the minimum
servomax servicing

servomax servicing Service Division (CSD)

Servocare provides the world class service of Power Transformers & StabilizerService.

It includes complete testing of transformer at site including Tan Delta, SFRA and Differential protection Relay healthy check. Along with it we also provide at site solutions of products such as bushing replacement, oil leakage, and fitment of air cell in the existing electrical machine conservator tank...

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