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Green energy & ESCO

Green energy & ESCO

The demand for photovoltaic Solar systems is increasing very rapidly. We are giving Grid Connected Solar Solutions. We are promoting rooftop solar applications. We are manufactures of Inverters, Solar Panels, Battery and LED Lighting. Our other product is Solar street lights and solar lamps etc. a dedicated team of engineers and workers committed to excellence manufacture quality products our brand new facility with modern infrastructure and latest equipments. We are offering from KW to MW in solar sector.


Servomax Solar Power Supply is available in various models like Off-Grid & On-Grid. Servomax Solar Power Supply has three varieties specially designed for Home Applications, Industrial Applications and Agricultural Applications.

Solar Power is very clean and free power available from Nature. It is clean and doesn’t emit any pollution and it is safe power for all applications, solar energy abundantly available in India. All Solar related equipments are encouraged by our Govt. by way of Tax incentives, subsidies and low interest loans now solar power equipments widely used for many applications.


Our organization offers renewable and eco-friendly Industrial Solar Power Plant generating electricity using solar energy. The Photo Voltaic cells transforms the solar energy into electric energy and availability to store in battery bank or continuous supply.

All Solar Power Plants has three major devices i.e. a well designed Solar Panel, efficiently designed MPPT charger, High efficient DC to AC Power Converter and Other Protection equipments.

The Solar Power Converter converts DC energy to AC energy and provides 400V in three Phase and 230V in single phase. Capacities are available in Single Phase 300 VA to 10 KVA and 3 KVA-30 KVA in three phase.


Servomax Solar has successfully installed & commissioned a 6 KW Solar PV system for Water Health Pvt Ltd, Boduppal.

Servomax Solar has precisely designed a 6 KV Solar PV Power supply for mineral water pumping unit in Boduppal Hyderabad for Water Health Pvt Ltd, which supplies Power through Servomax Solar PV modules for pumping and purification of drinking water for Boduppal community.

  • NO fuel cost – uses abundantly available free sun light.
  • Govt. subsidy no operating cost.
  • Highly reliable and trouble-free performance.
  • Eco-friendly
  • Savings in conventional fuel.
  • Micro processor based design.
  • High efficiency
  • Multi Stage Lightening Protection
  • Float Control Switch available.
  • Remote Alarm circuit available.
  • MPPT Charger (Array maximum power Point tracking)

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