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Static Voltage Stabilizer

Static Voltage Stabilizer

Capacity Range upto 150 kVA 3 Ph
With Very High Speed of Correction provides perfectly stable output even under severe conditions of unbalanced voltage conditions. Ideal to protect the electrical and electronic equipments from high and low voltage.
Input Voltage Range 300 - 460V / 340 - 480V / 360 - 460V AC 3 Ph
Output Voltage (3 Ph) 415V AC
Operating Freequency 47 - 53 Hz

Salient Features

  • IGBT PWM AC to AC Switching control
  • Individual Phase control
  • Quick response time <10 milli sec (half a cycle)
  • Very high efficiency above 98%
  • Excellent regulation as high as +/- 0.5%
  • Wide input range of operations
  • Very high speed of correction 3000V per Second


  • Input Short Circuit Protection with MCB
  • Input Over Load Protection with MCB
  • Output Low Voltage Protection
  • Output High Voltage Protection
  • Single Phase preventer
  • Output Electronic Over Load Protection


  • 3ph Input volt meter to read ph to ph and ph to Neutral Voltages at Input & Output with selector switch
  • 3ph Ammeter to read Output Current on each ph


  • Mains on Indication on each phase 3 LEDs
  • 3 Phase Output on Indiacation

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