dry-type transformer

Capacity Available Upto 2500 kVA

Dry-Type Transformer

Servomax Limited is an exceptional provider of power-conditioning and power-saving equipment. Serving various locations across Pan India and a few other foreign countries, it is the best manufacturer and supplier of dry-type transformers. Extensively pledged with trust and excellence, our dry transformers are designed with spectacular features which are flexible for splendid customization.

Dry transformers are distinctive ones among the different types of transformers. Characteristic iron core and vacuum pressure resin-integrated high and low voltage windings are the ultimate elements of the dry transformers and avail in the best functioning. These units do not need any cooling means like oil and other liquids for cooling the transformers. The insulation system, therefore, has no necessity with the provisions for toxin vents. Class H or Class E type insulation is associated with them.

Our dry-type transformers are, hence, prominently ensured for safety – these avoid risks and dangers associated with fire and other power-variations. These can withstand high-levels of heat up to 180°C – 220°C.

Our manufacturing units include the best-quality raw materials and testing methods to offer high-grade and efficient dry transformers. We produce effective deliveries that follow national standards like BIS, IS 11171, and IEC 76. We engage in utilizing eco-friendly measures to follow green energy considerations.

The dry transformers we provide are used for measuring winding resistance, Voltage/Turns ratio, Impedance Voltage/Short Circuit, impedance and load loss, di-electric tests, no-load loss and no-load current. Our units are designed with a capacity range up to 2000 KVA –with the primary voltage up to 11 KV class and secondary voltage between 433 to 6600 V.


Servomax’s dry transformer units are used at various industries including –

  • Chemical Industries
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Steel Plants
  • Textile Engineering Firms
  • Plastic and Cement Industries
  • Refineries
  • Captive Power Projects
  • Hydro Power Projects
  • Wind Mill Farms
  • Construction Houses
  • Pharma Industries
  • Electrical and Electronic Industries
  • Mining Industries
  • Renewable Energy and Automobile Industries
  • Construction Houses


Our dry transformer units are highly beneficial because of these below features.

  • Outstanding capability
  • High-level safety
  • Low noise and low maintenance
  • Easy repair processes
  • No flammable liquids
  • No pollution
  • Nil toxic off-gases
  • Near position to the Load
  • Increased emergency overload capability
  • High reliability
  • Affordable costs

Based on the requirements, these transformers can be used for indoor and outdoor installations. In addition to the above industries, these also have the best utilization in malls, multiplexes, and other populated locations.

Dry transformers with 50 KVA to 5000 KVA, 11 KV and 33 KV Class specifications suitable for indoor applications are designed. These have features of off-circuit tap links, off circuit tap switch, on load top changer (Indigenous and Imported).

  • Natural Air-cooled nature
  • Specific usage of materials like ceramics, metal, fiberglass, and resin
  • No oil or other lubricants
  • Minimal toxic smoke
  • Class H or Class E Insulation
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servomax servicing Service Division (CSD)

Servocare provides the world class service of Power Transformers & StabilizerService.

It includes complete testing of transformer at site including Tan Delta, SFRA and Differential protection Relay healthy check. Along with it we also provide at site solutions of products such as bushing replacement, oil leakage, and fitment of air cell in the existing electrical machine conservator tank...

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